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the way you did once upon a dream

So, I went on a little painting recolor kick yesterday, and now . . . four poster sets to share with you! All were originally on tumblr, so this is just copy-paste from there. :D

Oh Fair Maidens!

This is a 3t2 poster set. Eleven simlish princesses on both the Lady on Red & BV Traveler Poster for Sims 2. All credit for the simlish princesses go to booboolalaland (done with her permission ^_^); the original for Sims 3 is here. This set contains the same amount of pictures as the original, hence no swatch (I made one, but trust me, it was awful >.>) Art by shoomlah. Let me know if there are any problems. Enjoy~

Lady on Red Ver. // BV Traveler Poster Ver.

Antique Moon

So, I’m on a total simlish kick and needed more. *__* Here are two Sailor Moon posters on Surf the Universe for Sims 2. Art by shoomlah. Let me know if there are any problems. Enjoy!


Vintage Princesses

More posters, this time Disney <3 Four pictures on the BV Traveler Poster for Sims 2. :D I’m afraid I don’t know where I got the art TT__TT If you know, please tell me. Let me know of any problems. Enjoy~


Don’t Try at Home!

I have no idea why I made these, but they were fun. ^^;; 3 more simlish posters: Doctor Who is on Suspense, and the two Final Fantasy ones are on Civic Idol poster. Art by shoomlah & unknown. If there are any problems, let me know. Enjoy~


I hope you enjoy them! ^___^

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