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I play a Maxis-Match game. My style is inspired by numerous MM players, but most heavily by juri_anne (her style was the first I'd ever seen and adored; she really got me into loving saturated colors), skellington7d (her style was so clean, I have to thank her for pointing me to my current defaults), and Remi (who's minimalist style I wish I could mimic, but have no will power to stop downloading T__T).

Default Replacements

            - New Skintones by Leh

            - Easy/Lucky/Free on Maxis Sclera by smjoshsims
            - Ultimate Pet Eyes by awasegg @ MtS2

Face Templates:
            - A Mixed Tape by bondchick_nett
            - Elf Template Replacement by fantasyrogue

            - Alien Skin by Leh
            - Alien Eyes (Eagle on a Pole) by kinemortophobia
            - {Vines Only} Plantsim Skin by Aquilegia @ GoS
            - Plantsim Eyes by smjoshsims
            - {Lucy Darkholm Skintone} Vampire Skin by pinketamine
            - Transparent Maxis Match Werewolf Skintone by Leh @ GoS
            - Werewolf Eyes by smjoshsims
            - {Be Gone Evil Rash} Good Witch Skin by Merkaba @ MtS
            - {Be Gone Evil Rash} Bad Witch Skin by juri_anne
            - Zombie Skin by Leh
            - Servo Eyes by skellington7d
            - Genie Skin by Leh
            - Mannequin Skin by Leh

            - le_plat_du_jour
            - Shinasims
            - palette @ MtS2
            - treeag @ MtS2          
            - nrjsims

            - Facemasks Replacements w/ Freckles by Marja
            - {No More Spakle} Lipstick Defaults by Aquilegia @ GoS
            - Nilou's Subtle Liner Defaults by voleste
            - Bruno's 'Eyelights' as Default Eyeshadow by Catherine TCJD @ MtS2
            - Freckles as Blush by pinketamine

            - sims2_defaults
            - an_nas
            - dhearest
            - missadiasims
            - le_plat_du_jour
            - simsarenotfood
            - AF Default Meshes w/ Preg Morphs by the mystical one @ MtS2
            - GoS April Theme - Default Designs! & GoS December Project - Default Revamp by Various Creators @ GoS
            - School Uniforms by witheredlilies
            - Baby Clothes by fakepeeps @ MtS2
            - Nurse Intern Clothing Replacements by fanseelamb @ MtS2
            - Paramedic Clothing Replacements by fanseelamb @ MtS2
            - Misc NPC Clothing Replacements by Phaenoh @ MtS2
            - Maid Uniform by pinketamine
            - Police & Security Guard Uniforms by fanseelamb @ MtS2
            - Gypsy & Handyman Uniforms by frankscrank
            - NPC Breakdancers Uniform by Miss-SKH @ MtS2
            - {Vampyrer} Grand Vampires Outfits by tristisanima
            - Toddler Clothes by simgarooop
            - Maternity Replacement by Shinasims
            - Robber Uniform by w_sims

            - Neighborhood Terrain Replacement by curiousb
            - Eyebrow Defaults by strange_tomato
            - Painting Defaults by strange_tomato
            - {They're Everywhere!} Penquin Eye Defaults by strange_tomato
            - Mix'n'Match Default Dishes by graverobber @ GoS
            - Doll Replacements by strange_tomato
            - {Book Worm} Book Cover Replacements by juri_anne
            - Glasses Replacements by Phaenoh @ MtS2
            - Chess Pieces by blueblood220 @ MtS2
            - {Giving Bunny A Bath} Clean Social Bunny by Phaenoh @ MtS2
            - Gift Box Default by strange_tomato
            - Castaway Baby Bottle by WatersMoon @ MATY            
            - Beach Towel Replacements by evanesco
            - Blank Wall Replacements by engram
            - Townie Names Default by revolvertrooper @ GoS
            - Rose Defaults by frankscrank
            - Garden Defaults by Nymphy @ GoS
            - Roof Replacements by curiousb
            - Cat Nose Defaults by Strange_girl @ MtS2
            - Maid & Taxi Car Defaults by pinkosim @ GoS
            - Military Uniform & Car Defaults by psychosim

            - {Dread Pirates Robert Ahoy!} Multi PTs by upendoaushi
            - {Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden} Multi Ideal Plantsims by hat_plays_sims

Genetics & Makeup

            - I Can Sing A Rainbow by juri_anne
            - Furries! by joedy_76
            - Genensims
            - Beneghalis Tiger Skins by trappingit
            - -memories- by nnnilou
            - Bones by nnnilou
            - Deer Skin by trappingit
            - Trapping's Recolors of Nilou's Bones by trappingit
            - Easy/Lucky/Free III by me (unreleased)
            - Alien Easy/Lucky/Free by kinemortophobia
            - onomatopea by nnnilou
            - Petchy's Glass Eyes by strange_tomato
            - Sleeping Lion by noodlesims

            - simgarooop
            - remisims
            - simsarenotfood
            - skellington7d
            - juri_anne
            - voleste
            - monsterglitter
            - dhearest
            - keoni_sims
            - crystal5533
            - Layana

            - trappingit
            - skellington7d
            - bunheadsbuns
            - jenga218
            - nnnilou
            - witheredlilies
            - Senate
            - keoni_sims
            - fakepeeps7
            - lovelyxwow
            - pinketamine

            - skellington7d
            - jesstheex
            - nnnilou
            - Fusion Lipset by Mango @ GoS

            - slyndsey
            - eversims
            - keoni_sims
            - an_nas
            - selenaq13
            - maranatah

            - ACR
            - . . . and about 100+ more hacks & fixes for the game ^-^

            - Remi's Photo Actions
            - Eversims' Photo Actions
            - Nilou's Photo Actions
This is still a work in progress! ^__^

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