January 8th, 2012

Aurora Follows the Birds

It never hurts to introduce yourself

Hello everyone! Lately, after reading stuff like Fortune & Romance by skellington7d, I have been heavily influenced to start my own story, and finally contribute something to this wonderful community. I've been mostly a lurker--a silent one at that--for a long time, but hopefully that will change. At the moment, I am in the process of plotting a story that focuses on the past of Desiderata Valley and two . . . very unlikely friends that turned the Valley upside down with their "shenanigans." A sort of concoction with deceit, gypsies, and genies thrown into the mix. The name will most likely be: "Wishes, & Other Such Lies" but that's still a shaky decision.

I would have liked to share pictures of the two main characters (one of them is my icon), however my computer's graphic card is very outdated and my whole game is nothing but blurring pixels. Until I get a new card in a few weeks, I will work on plotting the story and typing it up as quickly as I can! I hope that once I start posting, I can be a little less useless here. :D

Thank you for reading this introduction. I would really appreciate feedback, criticisms, comment, or anything at all. Thank you so much for just being an awesome community, and for listening. I really can't wait to become more involved here!

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